Universal machine monitoring system

Install EBKF modul and save money!


  • control the manufacturing processes
  • monitor the location of machines
  • reduce their maintenance costs

What can you gain?

to account employees and subcontractors for the exact working time

to reduce the maintenance costs

to optimize labor efficiency processes

to support decision-making processes

to extend the „lifespan” of machines and batteries

to manage changes and processes via the Internet

Do you know that…

87% of customers who decided to test the EBKF system, learned about the existence of significant organizational problems, about which they had not known earlier?

Monitoring device parameters

Registration of the EBKF Fleet Manager module includes the following parameters:

  • device operation time [h],
  • employee identification [RFID],
  • location [GPS],
  • automatic alerts and reports,
  • ability to create working groups and sub-groups,
  • communication [Wi-Fi or GSM].

Order the module for testing purposes.

We will deliver it to you free of charge and configure it to show you its capabilities.

To whom is this solution?

Watch the video to convince yourself that the EBKF Fleet Manager solution is for you.

Management through internet

Convenient and quick management
of the entire machinery fleet over the Internet?

Yes, now you have everything in one place.
Monitor, analyze and make the best decisions.
Quickly and safely!

Universality of EBKF Fleet Manager

Our solution supports machine fleets, regardless of their brand, year of production, or country of origin. It will also provide the ability to connect additional sensors.

Welding technology

Welding technology

Welding technology Check the location of your welding machines, optimize costs of their use.
CNC machinery

CNC machinery

CNC machinery Optimize the operation of CNC machines and the work of their operators. Reduce costs.
Machinery manufacturers

Machinery manufacturers

Machinery manufacturers Take care of your competitive advantage on the market. Offer your customers a solution that will facilitate them to manage their fleet.

Check now

what savings can be obtained by your company. By ordering the module for testing purposes, you do not pay any money!

We will deliver it to you free of charge and configure it to show you all its capabilities.

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