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See where this time we connected our module. Yes, what you see is an Atmos compressor. What data will we monitor in it? ✅ switching time, ✅ working time, ✅ fuel used, ✅ GPS position. If you would like to make business decisions based on real measured data from the device, please do not hesitate […]

The first and most important feature of our multifunctional EBKF solution is its versatility. Yes, sir! EBKF supports machines regardless of brand, year of manufacture or country of origin. This is proven by the successive implementations. This time we went all the way to Katowice, where we implemented the well-known brand Karcher on a scrubber. […]

We are proud to announce that we were also present at the new Pioneers’19 technology festival.

Welcome to the international trade fair “Home of Industrial Pioneers” at Hannovermesse 2019. From 9 a.m., guests from all over the world visit #HM19 to discover the world of #Industrie40. Together with the EBKF team we are present at the national stand of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency – PAIH You will find us […]

Preliminary information   Remak S.A. – European leader in the installation of power boilers, monitors the work of welders and welders from a smartphone. Thanks to the cooperation with EBKF, the company has increased the efficiency of working time of welders and its operators. All thanks to the access to current information enabling full optimization […]

Currently, three types of detailed reports are available, tailored to the needs of our clients. All are now available in one place in the Reports tab. Check whether the selected device is working properly and whether it has not left the designated area. No alerts will prove it. Alert reports are the ability to download […]

The list of Alarms and their Configuration have been grouped in the menu in a new way and under the common label Alarms. No changes The list of Alarms is all alarm occurrences. It will contain the most important information about the occurrence of an alarm, the time of the last occurrence and the device […]

We have created an intelligent welding management system! Artificial intelligence, which was once the leading theme in science fiction movies, is now entering our reality. We already have a smart home (managing installations at home using a smartphone), intelligent cars (the famous Google autonomous car), intelligent cleaning devices (monitoring system of professional cleaning machines created […]

BE LOYAL is a mobile application created for BKF car wash owners, available from the application on the phone or via the website. The application allows you to make mobile payments (by phone) at BKF car washes. To make this possible, you need to install the app on your smartphone and register. Then, using a […]

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