1. General questions

The EBKF solution consists of a small module that can be installed in virtually any machine, regardless of the manufacturer and the principle of operation. The module is non-invasive and is mounted inside the machine. The module collects data and sends it to a secure cloud. Data in the cloud is processed in order to analyze work efficiency and find potential irregularities. An integral part is a web application that presents data and allows the user to increase productivity and optimize operating costs.

The EBKF modules can be connected to virtually any device that operates with electric current. The devices we have connected so far include, but are not limited to:

  • welding machines,
  • cleaning machines,
  • forklift trucks,
  • CNC machines,
  • excavators,
  • compressors,
  • sweepers,
  • painting machines.

The EBKF Manager solution focuses mainly on monitoring the performance of machines and operators. Examples:

For example, the following data can be made available from a forklift truck:

  • time to switch on (turn the key),
  • driving time,
  • working time of the forks (digital signals for lifting, lowering),
  • GPS position,
  • who used to drive a wheelchair.

From a welding machine:

  • switch-on time,
  • arc glow time (welding time),
  • welding current,
  • who was welding,
  • GPS position.

2. Pre-Sale Questions

The EBKF Manager comes standard with an EBKF Module, GSM antenna and GPS antenna. Additionally, it is possible to purchase RFID readers and current sensors.

The price of EBKF Manager solution is 9€ net per month for each connected device. To the price should be added the cost of EBKF modules, which is set individually.

The net price of 9€ PLN includes all costs, i.e. data transfer and access to WWW applications.

We use several implementation models:

  1. Our service technicians arrive and install the equipment on the customer’s equipment.
  2. Our service technicians train the customer’s technical service to install the EBKF modules and supervise the implementation.
  3. We train external service that the customer already uses and supervise the implementation.

Each implementation ends with a remote training on how to use the application.

The cost of implementation is determined individually.

Yes, the EBKF modules are designed so that they can be transferred between devices.

3. After Purchase Questions (Support)

You will receive the fastest possible support by sending an e-mail to office@ebkf.eu or by calling +48 607 730 315.

In case of a damaged module, please report this fact and send us the damaged module. Within 2 working days we send you a new module or we come to replace it ourselves.

If we are to blame, we do not charge any costs to the customer.

We are open to the needs of our customers. Please report any needs.

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