Oct 02, 2018

Launch of the Pilot System pilot monitoring program at Clar System

From October 2018, the Poznań warehouse and commercial hall, a well-known furniture manufacturer, is filled with intelligent cleaning machines. One of the largest cleaning companies in Poland – CLAR system (https://www.clarsystem.pl/) runs there a pilot program for machines equipped with technology allowing for remote management. This is the most modern IoT solution on the market, addressed to the clean industry. In addition, it supports environmental protection.

Cleaning machines have been equipped with an EBKF Fleet Manager solution (www.ebkf.eu) with built-in sensors that give the possibility to monitor many machine parameters at once.

The CLAR Capital Group has been operating on the market for over a dozen years. They offer comprehensive services in the field of technical maintenance of buildings and cleaning. The company has always focused on innovation. Now on the warehouse, one of her clients, she decided to conduct a pilot program of the latest solution for managing the park of cleaning machines. The pilot will last 6 months. The assembly took place on the devices of a leading European manufacturer. It was possible due to the very high universality of the EBKF solution, which gives the possibility of mounting it in many different devices (regardless of the make and country of origin).

Installation of the EBKF Fleet Manager module allows you to increase the work efficiency and lifetime of many machines, not just cleaners. The collected data is securely collected, processed and analyzed in the cloud, and the user after authorization has access to them through the administration panel (from a computer or mobile device). The system gives, among others possibility:

  • checking the actual efficiency of the machine,
  • verification of machine work culture,
  • check whether the machines are used for work or are used as transport,
  • verification of correct battery charging (extends battery life),
  • easy job reporting (facilitates efficiency optimization and decision processes).

In addition, EBKF Fleet Manager is designed for ecology. Thanks to this advanced technology it is possible to reduce the consumption of chemistry, electricity and water. Intelligent machines are not only a step towards automation, but also ecology.

For large retail chains, the speed and efficiency of cleaning is important. Leaders in the cleaning industry, like the CLAR system, know how many benefits can be brought by the automation of daily cleaning processes, both for the service contractor and the customer. The advantage of using the EBKF module is the reduction of maintenance costs and the possibility of accounting for employees and subcontractors for the exact working time. Therefore, the modern solution of young programmers quickly gained a lot of interest.

87% of clients who decided to test the EBKF system learned about the existence of significant organizational problems that they did not know about earlier – says Przemysław Krzywania from EBKF.

After the test connections of modules to the CLAR machines, the first conclusions can be drawn and the designated areas optimized.

Thanks to intelligent cleaning machines, man gains the ability to check all parameters via the telephone, no matter how many kilometers from the machine. It is a great solution for a manager who gains full control over the state of the devices. Intelligent machines also support ecology, which is extremely important nowadays.