Feb 12, 2019

New appearance of the Reports

Currently, three types of detailed reports are available, tailored to the needs of our clients. All are now available in one place in the Reports tab.

Check whether the selected device is working properly and whether it has not left the designated area. No alerts will prove it.

  • Alert reports are the ability to download a list of alerts generated by selected devices in a selected period of time. Just select the device group, date range and click Generate. The generated report can be downloaded in the CSV file format.

Do you want to know if all the machines worked in the last week or how much time they worked?

  • Device time reports are a possibility to download a list of device operation time at the indicated time. The work is displayed in hourly format and divided into days. To check the operation time of the device, select the group to which the device belongs, select the range of days, the daily interval and click Generate. The device work time report can also be downloaded as a CSV file format.

Which employee spent the most time during the day with his machine? You can quickly compare and generate a report.

  • Reports of equipment operators’ working time is the ability to compile the working time of selected operators (time of card application to the sensor) in the indicated period. Values ​​are presented broken down into days. Just select operators from the list, set the daily interval and click Generate. Like all other reports, this one will also be available for download in CSV file format.