Jan 03, 2019

Signing a contract with Rywal-RHC

We have created an intelligent welding management system!

Artificial intelligence, which was once the leading theme in science fiction movies, is now entering our reality. We already have a smart home (managing installations at home using a smartphone), intelligent cars (the famous Google autonomous car), intelligent cleaning devices (monitoring system of professional cleaning machines created by EBKF – www.ebkf.eu) and intelligent car washes (contactless car wash management) BKF using the Carwash Manager application – www.bkfmyjnie.pl).

Now the time has come for smart welding machines.

What is an intelligent welding machine?

It is a welder with a built-in recorder, which is a special version of EBKF Fleet Manager intended for the welding market under the name REJS MOST.

Thanks to the advanced technology, the sensors monitor the many parameters of the welding machine at the same time, eg: arc time, welding current intensity, or machine operator efficiency. The system was created in 100 percent in Poland, and the first implementation consisted of connecting almost 300 welders working on construction sites in the country, but also outside its borders, eg in Finland.

The collected data is securely collected, processed and analyzed in the cloud, and the user after authorization has access to them through the administration panel (from a computer or mobile device). The user receives in it, among others current status of all monitored welders (on, off, welding), welding performance within given time frames, operator performance, occurrence of defined alerts or tasks assigned to welders or operators.

RYWAL-RHC has always been a leader in introducing the latest welding solutions to the Central European market. The company has been specializing in offering technologies, goods and equipment at the highest level for 26 years. RYWAL-RHC Sp. z o.o is on the list of “2000 Biggest Enterprises in Poland”, and in 2012 he was awarded the medal of the name Ing. Stanisław Olszewski for achievements in the development of welding. To even better meet the expectations of customers, the company immediately became interested in the innovative project of young programmers. Now, together with a technology partner, it introduces a system enabling remote supervision of the welding park. This gives you the ability to monitor devices located anywhere in the world using a smartphone. The distance separating the welding machine from the person checking their work on the phone is irrelevant. EBKF Fleet Manager also allows location monitoring.

For more information about the product, please visit here: https://www.rywal.com.pl/aktualno%C5%9Bci/707-rejs-most-innowacyjny-rejestrator-spawalniczy.html